Dissemination event in France

A dissemination event was held by the French partner in Bordeaux on 31-May-2019. The curriculum and the online course was presented to attendants, who reported on the feedback form that the design of a training program covering ICT-based telecare systems was very much relevant, and that the topics covered by the four modules are all interesting for caregivers.

They found the e-learning platform attractive and easy to navigate. According to their feedback, the learning objectives of the course are clear, and the material offers good opportunities for task-based learning.

In more detail, attendants agreed that the presented learning content 

  • allows them to assess their digital skills and acquire the missing skills (module 1),
  • helps them to understand demographic change, the consequences and challenges of aging and the concept of integrated care (module2),
  • makes it possible to become familiar with some devices (module 3),
  • helps to understand how ICT can help older people connect with their networks (module 4).