Guimel - Training, Innovation and Consulting Society

GUIMEL is a small company founded in August 2015.It is chaired by Martine Gaury. The company's purpose, in France, on European and international level is to promote the social and professional inclusion of people with different backgrounds: the improvement and harmonization of skills, development of interaction between international institutions, public and private companies.

Guimel promots professional mobility, as well as actions of engineering, training, innovation, consulting, translation, event-organization, and generally, all financial, commercial, industrial, securities and property, related directly or indirectly to the above mentioned purpose or to any similar or related purposes, such as facilitating its expansion or development. The aim of GUIMEL is the development of autonomy, empowerment, increasing professional and social skills.
Guimel also participates in EU projects corresponding to the European qualification values.
Guimel has a network of partners devoted to social support and training organisations at local and international level.