O3 - Learning content development

The 3rd intellectual output is about developing the content for the 4 modules of the online course. 

Module 1 aims of improving the digital skills of caregivers. Participants will perform a self-assessment, and will go through selected parts of the module according to their actual level of digital literacy. Topics are based on 4 digital competencies: Information, Communication, Content Creation and Security.

Active and healthy ageing is the topic of Module 2, including sections on the perception of seniors, demographic changes and the factors of active ageing.

Assistive technologies are dealt with in detail in Module 3. Telecare devices that were selected by the project partners before, are described here according to pre-defined aspects. Case studies, user guides, tutorial videos are included.

Module 4 is about Virtual Communities, in which participants learn about social networks and related technologies that can be used effectively in the care process.

The course content was developed partly using available open educational resources, partly created by project partners who have expertise in the subject. The project team designed animations, quizzes, practice exercises in various web 2.0 applications, to motivate participants, and also to ensure continuous assessment of learners' performance.

For more details refer to Newsletter 3.

A sample section of the content is uploaded here. The full content is accessible through the e-learning platform. Access to the platform can be requested by mail to: edu@prompt.hu.